Roof with underlayment.

Published by Pawel Matonog

Clarkson Townhouse Complex Roof

Low quality installation and materials is seen in this Clarkson Townhouse Complex before photo

This fall we worked on a larger project in the Clarkson area of Mississauga.  Archer Roofing met with the condominium corporation in charge of the maintenance of the complex to discuss their roofing issues and we were keen to offer them affordable and viable solutions for their case.

 First of all, these townhomes had problematic low-slope roofs, which did not shed water well.  As well, the original roofer of the complex did the minimum in terms of using quality materials and skill to protect these roofs.  

lack of underlay membrane under shingles

Shingles are in the process of being stripped on this townhouse. Note the lack of underlay under the old shingles. We’re scraping plywood here!

For instance, wind uplift of thin, cheap shingles caused breakage and left vulnerable areas of the roof exposed.  Most alarmingly, there was no underlay membrane under the shingles on any part of the roof!  Once the shingles started to deteriorate, there was no second line of defence against rain, snow and ice damage.  As a result, the plywood of the roof was getting soaked and leaks were being experienced by many of the townhouse residents.  Costly water damage to ceilings and walls have ensued, which will have to be fixed on the residents’ own budget.

In addition, we discovered flimsy plastic vents being used that were quickly chewed through by the animals in area.  Some animals had already made their nests in the vent areas and were difficult to get rid of.  

roofing materials and clean up tools

Extra roofing materials are kept out of the way and a heavy duty cart is used to maintain cleanliness

Since this would be a lengthy project, our team first started by securing extra materials out of the way, as well as ensuring that we had the necessary clean-up tools to keep the driveways and backyards clean every day in this large complex.  

Next, each roof of the complex was stripped in sequence and had its rotted plywood fixed and covered with a protective synthetic underlay to provide that extra step in protection that was missing in the first place.  As well, the low pitch roof required detailing in many areas to prevent water leaks with an ice and water shield.  

roof stripped of old shingles synthetic underlayment installed

While the old shingles are being stripped, the underlay membrane is being installed to protect the plywood

detailing of townhouse roof

Archer Roofing takes time for consuming detailing work between every townhouse and ice and water shield installation to ensure the longevity of each roof

roof installation on townhomes

This time consuming process is repeated for each and every townhouse in the complex. There are no shortcuts for proper installation with Archer Roofing

The condominium corporation and the residents of the complex made a wise choice in investing in a better quality shingle for their roofs.  CertainTeed’s Landmark line is our top choice for both quality and durability.  Once we installed these Landmark shingles in a Resawn Shake colour, the residents could immediately see how much thicker and heavier their shingles were, preventing the wind uplift that most roofs were experiencing.

CertainTeed Landmark Roof in Resawn Shake

CertainTeed Landmark Shingles in Resawn Shake colour are heavier and of better quality/durability than the earlier shingles

new roofs on townhomes in Clarkson

The finished product by Archer Roofing equals some of the best roofs in Clarkson!

Finally, we fixed the damage done by the animals that made their homes in the chewed through plastic vents.  Archer Roofing installed metal vents to prevent them from getting into the vent areas again.  

The lesson in this townhouse case study is that expensive problems will quickly ensue when proper installation techniques and materials are not used.  Also, when home owners are only focused on the lowest price quotes instead of insisting on knowing what steps and materials will be used by each roofer, they are not making a well informed decision for their home. Morally disreputable roofers will take advantage by making empty promises and still will still earn their money by installing cheap, often counterfeit products and save time by not following the necessary waterproofing steps.  

By hiring Archer Roofing, this condominium corporation has ensured these Clarkson town homes have the best roofs in the area!  Our attention to detail and insistence on quality materials warrants these roofs will not fail prematurely.  Call the best roofing company in Toronto at 416-427-2437 to discuss your roof’s case with us.