Even our experienced roofers are frequently exposed to unpredictable fall hazards caused by sudden gusts of wind, roofing surfaces that are uneven or slick when wet, as well as loose roofing materials.  As such, our crew members take the extra steps necessary in order to fulfill the goals of a safe workplace.  

Mandatory safety training at government approved training centres such as the IHSA are completed by our crew.  In addition, ontario government mandated fall arrest equipment such as safety harnesses are worn and anchored to secure points on a roof.  Finally, when we are working on a steep slope roof, necessary scaffolding is anchored to create a fall restricting system which keeps our crew safe.



Archer Roofing uses roof anchor points, which are devices where workers on a roof can attach safety harnesses, ropes and other safety equipment used to arrest a fall


One of our employees wearing his full safety harness, with his rope securely attached to an anchor point


All of our crew members adhere to safety protocols, ensuring their safety


Not only do we ensure the safety of our crew, but we are also protecting the neighbour’s fresh stucco from any debris with extensive sheeting


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