Cabbagetown townhouse window detailing

Cabbagetown townhouse window detailing

The challenge in this historic Cabbage-town townhouse was tying it in with the neighbour’s new roof where two valleys meet at the eaves and maintaining a waterproof barrier.  The old shingles and valleys on this Toronto townhome were starting to disintegrate and some rot had started in the roof deck due to the small leaks.  As such, part of the roof deck was covered in a 1/2″ plywood,  Grace Ice and Water Shield was installed as eaves protection and under valleys and synthetic underlayment was installed on the balance of the roof deck to ensure maximum protection of this historic gem.  To maintain the historic aesthetics, the homeowner chose to install copper valleys and the superior and long-lasting CertainTeed Landmark Pro shingles.

cabbagetown townhouse

New roof by Archer Roofing on this Cabbagetown townhouse

old roof valley

The old valley on this roof was worn out and disintegrating, causing wood rot on the roof deck

aged roof shingles

Aged shingles on the townhome are clear in this closeup

townhouse new roof linking with neighbour

The most challenging part of the roof was ensuring a waterproof link with the neighbour’s existing roof

new copper flashing and certainteed shingles on townhouse

New copper valley and premium shingles do justice to the beauty of this historic Cabbagetown home

copper valley

Close up of expertly fitted copper valley

If you have a historic home and want to maintain its lasting beauty, don’t forget about its roof health!  Ensure that your roof is not leaking with a yearly roof inspection. Call 416-427-2437 to discuss your roofing needs with the best Toronto roofing company in the city!