Don’t replace just yet…

This is a roof in Etobicoke, ON at Royal York and Bloor at an old client of ours.  They complained of a leak near a bathroom vent and wanted to know if the roof required a tear-off and replacement, as it was getting quite old.


A quick inspection revealed a roof in decent shape given it’s age.  One that could last another couple of years at the least.  All it really required was some maintenance.











One of the problems with this roof is that the valleys were done improperly by the original roofers.  We never recommend doing closed valleys.  This detail alone takes years of life off the roof, as the volume of water run-off is concentrated in that one area causing premature degradation.  An open metal valley is the only way to go.

Toronto-closed valley degradation










Toronto-20120808-ridge cap



















Renail some shingles…

Some roof patch & some sealant to cover up the many exposed nails…

and this roof is ready to face another few years of Mother Nature’s worst.















































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