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This Toronto roof has seen better days and could have been maintained before getting to this point. The shingles are now disintegrating and allowing rain and other elements direct contact with the wooden decking beneath. At this point, the owners are looking at an expensive fix which could have easily been prevented by having their roof inspected even every two or three years.

What are the typical roof repair costs in Toronto?

As professional Roofers in the Toronto area, one topic of conversation that always seems to come up is around “roof repair costs” and the typical ranges we see every year. Actually, this is probably the most common question we are asked.

The answer, as you may have already guessed is, “it depends”.

More specifically, your roof repair costs will depend on the type of roof you have, the slope of your roof and what kind of damage is involved in the first place.

Ideally we would come to your home and take a good look at your roof and your concerns, but there are a few things that will always affect the price.

These are some of the factors that affect roof repair costs overall:

Missing shingles on a Toronto roof.

Missing shingles will ultimately lead to leaks due to an exposed roof deck with no underlayment. Missing roof shingles are an easy fix and will keep future roof repair costs down on this Toronto home.

Type of roof and slope degree:

Different types of roofs need varying slopes in order to protect your home properly and to allow the elements to drain and run-off properly. The steeper the roof, the better it drains, remains dry and the less prone to leaks it is. BUT, steep roofs are also more expensive to install, repair or replace, simply because of the fact that they are more dangerous to work on, it takes more time to set up proper safety measures or scaffolding, it takes longer to actually do the work and a steep roof requires more shingles to cover an area. Roofers use the term ‘walkable’ to describe a roof that has a low slope and is easy to walk on. Thus the more ‘walkable’ your roof is, the less expensive it will be to fix.

State of the roof and deck:

This one is more obvious as weakened or weathered materials used on your roof will eventually give-way and stop protecting your home. Once a leak has sprung, it compromises the entire roof system and will destroy the decking, before making its way into the home’s structural components. As such, the price of the repair will depend on the integrity of the roofing system as a whole. Further contributing to the weakened state of the roof is Toronto’s weather, which, regardless of season, can be particularly harsh and roofs have a hard time withstanding the constant punishment. Ice damming issues involved with our winters are obvious, but just think about what a wet stretch of weather during the summer, with all of the associated humidity, can do to erode the components of a roof as well. Toronto roofs never get a break from weathering, unfortunately, which means that they need to be properly maintained to withstand the elements.

Complexity and length of time it takes to diagnose and repair:

Snow Ice Damage Roof Repairs Toronto

Notice the snow and ice damage on the curved section of the roof under the window? The plywood was rotted and new decking had to be installed.

Sometimes, what we think we see isn’t really what the problem is and most people who have been through home renovations can attest to this. Upon inspection, it may seem as though a few faulty shingles are the culprits. Closer inspection, however, sometimes reveals rotting wood underneath with prolonged water damage and even mold growth. In such a case, we would no longer be looking at simply replacing a few shingles and the cost of such a repair would definitely increase. The severity of a problem and the amount of time it takes to assess it will obviously add to your overall roof repair costs.

Roofing materials used:

This is, unfortunately, a major issue that we come across time and time again. Roofs can be expensive and people are always looking to cut costs and sometimes settle for a vastly inferior product. We completely understand the thinking behind it, however, while the instant savings may be welcomed, the long-term costs will be a lot more than you would have originally paid if it had been done properly in the first place. This is so in almost every industry, but a faulty roof brings with it a whole host of issues that includes the safety of your family.

If you’ve used cheaper materials in the past – or suspect that your roofing contractor might have used them – call us for a thorough roof inspection and we’ll be glad to come out and take a look. It won’t take long for us to see what sort of shape your roof is in and you can at least rest assured that nothing else is going to go wrong.

Bad roof flashing roof repairs Toronto

Improper flashing detailing and missing ice and water shield contributed to the rotting deck around the skylight of this Toronto-area home.

So, how much are the roof repair costs for my roof?

That’s really the main question, isn’t it? People like to be informed but the bottom-line is the cost.

So, taking all of the above factors into account, typical roof repairs in the Toronto area cost around $150 to $500. Some are less, some are more, but that is the usual range that clients can expect to pay.

The length of time for repairs also varies due to the factors listed, with some jobs taking 15 minutes, while other can take more than 3 hours. Preventative roof maintenance really is the key with roofs because the sooner you locate a leak or see a missing shingle, the less expensive it is to repair.

If you have an asphalt shingle roof, it should normally last you between 15-20 years without having to re-roof. Archer Roofing is a proponent of preventative roof inspections and shingle repair work instead of re-roofs, as my mentality has always been one of not wasting resources and being honest and fair with all of my clients.

The costs of a new roof can range from $4,000 to a whopping $20,000!

Also, the costs of a new roof can range from $4,000 to a whopping $20,000, which can be financially crushing for some families. Patching up a small leak, on the other hand, is only a few hundred dollars. Compared to the cost of a new roof, that is more than reasonable to your wallet and to the environment.

Blocked gutters cause Toronto roof leaks.

Blocked gutters caused a large pool of water to form on this Toronto flat roof and will eventually be responsible for a leak making its way into the house.

Although fall is usually the time when I urge people to assess their roofs and schedule any maintenance with a Toronto roofing contractor before the snow falls, there are severe issues that pop up during the winter that cannot be ignored. Leaks that are seeping in and rotting the wood decking have to be taken care of immediately, as structural damage and a new roof are infinitely more expensive than a maintenance call and will absolutely add to you roof repair costs. Don’t despair that you’re too late in the season to fix your leak as repairing your roof is possible, especially during the balmy winter weather we’ve been experiencing as of late in Toronto.

Types of Roof Damage to Look Out For During Winter:

Damaged Shingles:

During high winds and blizzard conditions, shingles might lift, crack or fall off, resulting in bare patches on a roof. This condition needs prompt attention and an experienced roofer can replace these missing shingles promptly, even in cold weather.

Snow and Ice Damage:

Watch out for a sagging roof and leaks. The weight of snow and ice that accumulates on a roof can be quite heavy leading to structural problems. Ice dams also put stress on the entire roof structure, as well as causing leaks in the long run.

Chimney or Flashing Damage:

Ceiling leaks Toronto roof repair costs.

The source of these ceiling leaks in central Toronto ended up further up the roof than the owner thought, which is another reason why you really should have a roofing professional come out to inspect it every so often.

Especially with older homes, this is a major source of leaks. These repairs require special cements and adhesives that don’t do well in cold weather, so above freezing temperatures are necessary for a good seal when booking a repair job.

Gutters Backing Up:

Noticing that your gutters are not draining the snow as it melts? They should be, so try to keep your gutters clear through regular maintenance, (yes, even during the winter) and keep your roof dry and clear of melting snow and ice.

Money Saving Tip: Identify the source of the roof leak yourself!

Finding the source of a leaking roof can be a time consuming process – sometimes even for professionals – that will end up factoring into the roof repair costs for diagnosis.

That leak above your bedroom ceiling might not be caused by the roof directly above it, because all roofs have a slope and leaks may start farther up where you aren’t expecting it. Observing the interior of your roofing structure in the attic can identify the source of the leak. Do you notice any areas with dampness or mold? Take into account the slope of a roof, because even on flat roofs there is a slight slope and the leak might originate further up than you thought. Once you find the source of the leaks, call in the professionals to repair it and save yourself the cost of diagnosis.

Contact the reliable roofing contractors at Archer Roofing to maintain your roof and halt any leaks in progress.


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