Why is eavestrough cleaning and gutter maintenance important?

Eavestrough cleaning Toronto.

The most common roofing problem is inadequate roof maintenance, which includes eavestrough cleaning at least once a year (depending on how many trees are surrounding your home). Neglecting this important task leads to dirt, leaves, weeds, debris, mould and decaying organic matter collecting in the gutter systems. This added weight damages the downspout system and ends up clogging the gutters and drains, as well as contributing to roof damage.

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Regular eavestrough cleaning also ensures the gutters are properly maintained and will prevent water from dripping down the side of your home, causing foundation damage and potential basement leaks.

It also prevents water from pooling on top of flat roofs, which then leads to lingering roof leaks and costly repairs or re-roofs.

Other potential problems that can occur from inadequate eavestrough maintenance includes:

  • Eavestroughs overflowing, warping and sagging from the weight of debris and water accumulation.
  • Unsightly black streaks from dripping gutter systems that become permanent over time.
  • Ice damming in the winter when thawing snow melts and can’t drain properly due to clogged eaves. The trapped ice causes costly damage to the roof.

If you’re not looking to do this important task yourself, Archer Roofing has the expertise and skill necessary to provide for all of your routine roof maintenance and roof repair needs.

Our crew ensures that your eavestroughs are free of debris and leaves. Effective water flow is checked to ensure that there are no clogs in the downspouts. All obstructions are removed from the downspouts and any organic material is disposed of maintaining an orderly and clean work environment.

If required, Archer Roofing can install leaf guards, which will keep out debris and leaves from entering the eavestroughs, and therefore prevent much of the clogging. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we are dedicated to earning it. Contact us today for all of your roofing maintenance needs!

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