Roofing education and training Toronto

Ongoing training and education, along with strong professional partnerships, ensures our Roofing teams are always prepared.

Proper roofing education & training for our roofers helps them to understand the comprehensive steps we take while working on your roof.

The most common reason for roof failure I come across in Toronto are always related to a lack of roofing education and training. Improper installation of roofing products, whether by the homeowner themselves or a poor-quality roofing contractor, always yield the same results.

Roofing education and safety.

Archer Roofing crew are safety trained and tied-off while working on this Toronto roof.

Sudden and damaging leaks in the home after poor weather (or a long winter) are common and these roofs fail long before they should.

By seeking out a roofing company that focuses on honing the skills, roofing education and training of its workers, you will reap the benefits of doing your due diligence in the hiring process of a roofing contractor. Archer Roofing is definitely one of those roofing companies.

Roofing is about more than just putting new shingles on a roof, it’s about knowing building science, what lies beneath the roof, ventilation techniques, flashing detailing, gutter repair and knowledge of quality roofing products to ensure the overall health and well being of a roof.

Aside from improving the skills of my crew through on-site training and hands-on experience, having workers understand the reasoning behind the comprehensive steps we take on the job site is key to building a solid team.

As a result, our workers are expedient but take no shortcuts with our client’s roofs or with their own safety.

Certified roofing education and training.

IHSA offers many roofing safety courses in Toronto that Archer Roofing crew members participate in.

IHSA offers many roofing safety courses in Toronto that Archer Roofing crew members participate in, including the Working at Heights program and Propane Handling, which are integral to ensuring a safe and responsible work place.

In addition, several months ago, we were invited to participate in CertainTeed’s ShingleMaster Training and Certification Program. Since CertainTeed’s products are one of the select roofing products that meets our stringent criteria for quality and durability, we were excited to take part in their qualification process.

As we embarked on this process, we discovered that the standards and procedures we have always employed at Archer Roofing not only met CertainTeed’s requirements, but also surpassed them. Their testing and credential program is the most comprehensive in the industry, and it reinforced the correct techniques, material and roof system knowledge that we have always practiced at Archer Roofing.

Looks like our commitment to roofing education and training is paying-off.

Having passed all of CertainTeed’s qualifications and tests, Archer Roofing contractors are “ShingleMaster” certified, which means that our workmanship will be monitored by CertainTeed to ensure that every roof we install their products on is in compliance with their standards, or we risk losing our certification.

Shingle Master CertainTeed Warranty Sure Start

All Archer Roofing contractors are “ShingleMaster” certified!

This also makes it possible for us to offer CertainTeed’s SureStart PLUS extended warranty coverage, as CertainTeed trusts our high workmanship standards and installation techniques.

When you hire a roofing contractor, you are tasked with ensuring that the company you hire will protect your home for decades to come. It stands to reason, then, that you would want a contractor who understands the importance of workforce education and has a history of high quality service in the downtown Toronto area.

Archer Roofing is a locally owned, licensed and insured roofing contractor in Toronto whose supervised crew is knowledgeable, professional and experienced. We only use high quality American or Canadian roofing materials and all workmanship is performed above the
NRCA roofing industry’s standards.

When you are ready to hire, call the Toronto roofing company that focuses on quality and workmanship, not how fast they can install a roof at 416-427-2437.


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