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We’re not the same-old kind of flat roofing company and we don’t take on roofing jobs just for the sake of taking them on: we’ll give you an honest and professional opinion of your roof’s current condition and explain all of the options – including the least expensive ones – and you can make an educated decision as to what you would like to see happen.

Flat Roofing Toronto

Flat roofs are different than shingled roofs and, for that reason alone, you deserve to know what those differences are in terms of cost, quality and how your flat roof relates to the local weather and to other environmental factors (like overhanging trees, for example).

Why Choose Archer For Your Flat Roofing?

That’s a fair question!

Archer Roofing™ is an experienced flat roofing contractor working in Toronto since 1989. Pawel Matonog’s honest principles and commitment to quality workmanship ensures that your roof is in the right hands and that your search for flat roofers ends with him.

The most important element that Archer Roofing™ focuses on when installing a flat roof is waterproofing. Our flat roofing installers (flat roofers) also make sure that the roof deck is in proper condition before membrane installation and has the correct pitch to ensure proper water drainage. Each flat roof installation is inspected and supervised by Pawel, who only uses superior materials and installation techniques on your roof.

An Archer Roofing™ flat roof is made of the highest quality workmanship and materials backed by “IKO” and “Bakor” warranties. In addition, our ‘double warranty’ (the manufacturers plus Archer’s own 10 year guarantee on our work) is what distinguishes us from the competition.

What Happens During the Initial Meeting?

A licensed roofer and a red seal certified carpenter will come out to your home to examine your roof and attend to your concerns. Pawel Matonog will carefully inspect your flat roof for drainage problems, ponding, physical damage, condition of membrane coating, skylights, chimney/vents, fascia, soffit, gutter condition, and, most importantly, your underlying roof condition

Flat Roofers Toronto

Water-tight seals on this Toronto flat roof with expertly tailored skylights by Archer Roofing.

The initial meeting and estimate is free of charge to ensure a low-pressure environment, as there is nothing worse than being compelled with pushy sales tactics when making such an important and expensive decision for your home.

After the preliminary meeting and roof assessment, you will get a written, detailed estimate that outlines each step of the re-roofing process for your flat roof, which materials will be used and the associated costs. At Archer Roofing, we want you to make an informed decision and choose the best company suited to your budget and personality, not be swayed by aggressive sales tactics.

No Up-Selling or Pressure-Sales Tactics.

As mentioned, we do not employ any aggressive sales tactics and we never pressure anyone into anything: We only recommend what actually needs to be done.

If your roof is in decent enough shape to last a while, we will tell you so and be on our way. If some minor repairs are needed in order to prolong the life of your roof, we will make that recommendation, explain what is needed and allow you to make the final decision.

Educating our clients and developing trustworthy relationships are more important than making a sale.

Flat Roofer Materials and Techniques:

When the pitch of a roof falls below 3/12, most traditional roofing types such as asphalt shingles, cedar, slate and even most metal roofs don’t work. Depending on a roof’s needs and a client’s preferences, Archer Roofing turns to a Two-Ply Modified Bitumen System, which has been proven to endure Toronto’s severe climate.

Archer Roofing Flat Roofers Toronto

Baker torch on two-ply membrane being installed on a flat roof in Toronto by Archer Flat Roofers.

Our flat roofing contractors make sure your roof is able to withstand Toronto’s frequent freeze/thaw weather cycles and the expansion and contraction of roofing materials that naturally occurs with these weather extremes. Using proven, quality materials and modern installation techniques, Archer Roofing ensures that your flat roof is water tight and protected against the elements for its entire lifecycle.

Flat roofers and Shingle Roofers Toronto

A combined flat and shingle roof near Yonge and Eglinton in Toronto, completed by Archer Roofing.

When Pawel visits your home, he will explain and show you the variety of materials available to suit your home and even your neighborhood’s style. Some specific materials that Archer Roofing™ has used on many Toronto roofs are made by “IKO” and “Bakor”. Multi-ply roofing options utilizing bitumen and asphalt offer reinforced protection from wind damage and other elements. For the Two-Ply Modified Bitumen System, Archer Roofing™ trained installers use SBS heat welded membranes, which offer long lasting protection for your flat roof.

Choosing Archer Roofing™ as your flat roofing contractor ensures you with the peace of mind that comes from a carefully installed roof, with every step being inspected to ensure a water tight seal. We only use proven, quality materials and installation techniques and offer excellent labor and material roofing warranties.


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