Why is strong roof ventilation in your attic important?

Proper roof ventilation is an important part of all roofing systems, often extending the life of a roof by minimizing the temperature difference between the attic and the air outside. Correctly spaced vents work to remove both moisture and heat from the attic and effective attic ventilation provides year-round benefits by creating cooler attics in the summer and drier attics in the winter.

Good ventilation in your roof or attic is a crucial factor in protecting against damage to roof materials and structure, helping to reduce energy consumption and preventing ice dams. Not only is the life of your roofing shingles greatly extended, but also your home is protected against the serious nature of structural decay from condensation.

Common Roof and Attic problems due to poor ventilation include:

  • Causes heat build up of up to 65°C in the attic.
  • Insulation traps excess heat and moisture.
  • Condensation forms from washing machines, dishwashers, bathtubs, showers and driers.
  • Warm, moist air rots decking, causes wet insulation, blistering, distortion and curling of shingles.
  • Raises energy cost.
  • Soaked lumber and building materials lead to wood rot, mold and structural damage in a home.
  • Ice damming due to melting snow continually refreezing, then backing up under shingles, causing leaks.

Why Choose Archer Roofing For Your Ventilation Needs?

Archer Roofing provides you with quality roof & attic ventilations solutions at a fair price. Our company follows the most stringent applicable building codes, which is also required to validate any shingle manufacturer warranties.

It is also important to note that proper roof ventilation alone isn’t a complete solution to roof problems. Archer Roofing ensures that proper ventilation is installed with a waterproofing shingle underlayment and adequate insulation in the home.

In all cases of roof replacement, Archer Roofing will always give you an honest and realistic estimate for our work. Contact us for a free quote for all of your ventilation needs.


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