Roofing Maintenance Service Toronto

At Archer Roofing, we believe that your roof is one of the most important elements of your home, and as such, should undergo regular maintenance.

Doing a little work on your roof now can save you a LOT of money later! Hire Archer Roofing for your annual roof maintenance and we'll take care of it for you.

Why Is Regular Roof Maintenance Necessary?

Preventative roof maintenance is the key to extending the life of your roof and is something that every homeowner should think about. Having a solid roof over your head protects your family from the elements and your interior from damaging leaks.

Roof maintenance is recommended two times per year in Toronto: during the Spring season-after the seeds drop, and in the Autumn-after the leaves fall, to keep your roof and eaves free of decomposing debris. Most roofers will tell you that leaks emanate from openings in the roof along joints, vents, valleys, and chimneys, which are all places that this harmful debris collects. A twice-yearly program gives your roof a longer service life, since debris is cleared away and it allows for water to drain properly off of your roof and away from your home.

In addition, most roofing system warranties require documented maintenance programs to remain valid throughout the life of the roof. Homeowners need to follow the recommended maintenance procedures, with good record keeping and contact the manufacturer within the timeframes specified, or your warranty will be deemed invalid. This is where a roofing company you can trust comes in to document and take care of your maintenance needs.

Why Choose Archer Roofing to Take Care of Your Roof Maintenance Needs?

Routine maintenance for your roof is conducted by our licensed roofer and carpenter, Pawel Matonog, who will assist you with developing a maintenance program tailored to your home and recommend ways you can achieve the greatest possible longevity from your existing roof system.

Archer Roofing has a comprehensive roof maintenance program that includes the following services:

  1. Remove all leaves and debris from the roof surface.
  2. Remove any soil or plants that can grow roots and puncture the roof system.
  3. Clear the gutter system, removing any debris and ensuring proper water flow. This is especially important on tree-lined properties, as the gutters fill up every year, obstructing the free flow of water. Metal gutters will also rust and deteriorate a lot faster if there is improper drainage.
  4. Note any areas where damage/punctures have occurred in membranes so that they can be repaired.
  5. Check for ponding on flat roofs.
  6. Inspect penetrations by other trades, such as A/C units, satellite dishes, pipes, etc. to make sure the seals are watertight.
  7. Caulk any worn skylight seals.
  8. Make sure vents are properly secured and sealed against water entry.
  9. Repair any loose or damaged shingles, check for popped nails that need to be hammered in.
  10. Examine all metal flashings for wear, splitting, and opening joints. The flashing around chimneys, skylights and vents is especially vulnerable to separation and needs to be resealed with caulking.
  11. Caulk any deteriorated sealants and joints.
  12. Fix cracks and mortar joints.
  13. Check for dark or discolored streaks on the roof, which is a sign of mold or algae.
  14. Re-secure metal cap flashing.
  15. Keep good records of maintenance, including the documentation of surface damage, faster than usual wear and any repairs performed.
Toronto roof maintenance.

This flat roof has not been maintained in a while and the debris has collected on the edges.

Roof maintenance Toronto home.

Upon closer inspection, the scupper is full of debris and not draining properly, contributing to ponding on the flat roof.

During a regular maintenance call, if any extensive roof repairs are necessary, Archer Roofing will prepare a written proposal containing the repairs or re-roof proposed, with exact project costs and materials laid out. The homeowner can then decide what solution to go ahead with to suit their budget and their roof’s needs.

Maintenance costs with Archer Roofing are customized to the size, scope of work and budget of every client. We are not a one-size fits all company and we only charge for the work we do! Call us to get a custom quote on your roof’s maintenance costs.


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