Archer Roofing has been providing clients in the Toronto area with high quality asphalt roofing shingles since 1989!

Roofing Toronto

As experienced asphalt shingle roofers, we have an intimate understanding about the types of issues that arise with shingled roofs. We’ve been at this for a long time and not much gets by us (if anything at all), which is why we’ve been able to stay in business for this long. Our clients love us and we’re confident that you will, too!

Asphalt shingle roofers Toronto

Asphalt Shingles Are What We Do!

Roofing Toronto“? It’s what you searched for and we are the best roofing company in Toronto you can hire to take care of your roofing job. Don’t hire just any roofing company to do your work: look around, read-up on what different companies have to offer (like any roofing warranties) and make an educated decision.

We provide free quotes and free on-site visits and all of our work is supported by written guarantees and product warranties.

Choosing the right asphalt shingles for your new roof:

Asphalt Shingles are one of the most popular roofing types among private homes and will never go out of style. For this reason, Archer Roofing contractors have been providing professional installation and repair of asphalt shingles to Toronto homeowners since 1989.

There are many advantages to asphalt shingles. They come in a variety of colors, sizes and textures, offering you a truly customizable roofing option. They are also easy to maintain and repair, they are durable due to the waterproof nature of asphalt, and should damage occur, individual shingles are small and light, making repairs a simple task.

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Asphalt shingles can also be treated against things like algae, mold and solar radiation, adding even further protection to your home’s roofing.

Finally, they are extremely cost effective. Their affordable nature makes it a simple choice to have your home installed or re-roofed with asphalt shingles.

Asphalt shingle roofers Toronto

Archer’s Roofing company offers many fine shingles and price points that will meet your budget. Our company of choice is CertainTeed — whose shingles offer high performance and excellent resistance from the elements to protect your home.

CertainTeed asphalt shingles are produced using fiberglass, which does not shrink or warp, they offer better insulation and are more durable, therefore being able to withstanding the test of time and the elements.

Archer Roofing has completed extensive product knowledge and certification training from CertainTeed to install their products and offers their extended warranties.

What to Look for When Choosing a Roofing Contractor:

Since roof replacement can be extremely costly and there are many competitors who offer a variety of prices, deciding on a shingle and the company to install it is no easy feat for homeowners. At Archer Roofing, we urge you to do your due diligence when hiring a roofing company as you could be left with shoddy workmanship and cheap shingles that will fail within a few years.

Don’t just choose a roofer based on price: check their background, training, certification and licenses. Although, as with anything in life, the old adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ certainly applies to your roof as well.

Why Choose Archer Roofing as Your Asphalt Shingle Roofer?

Roofers working on a Toronto home.

A new roof by Archer Roofing offers many advantages to the homeowner. Foremost, you will have peace of mind. Your roof is in the hands of an experienced and licensed roofer, and red seal certified carpenter. Working on some of the finest homes in Toronto, Pawel Matonog has built his reputation in the roofing and construction industry on his honest principles and commitment to quality workmanship.

Each roof is inspected and supervised by Pawel, who only uses superior roofing materials and installation techniques. After the initial meeting and roof assessment, you will get a written, detailed estimate that outlines the re-roofing process, materials used and associated costs for your roof.

The combination of our exceptional work and our ‘double warranty’ (the manufacturers plus Archer’s own 10 year guarantee on our work) distinguishes us from the competition.

Steps Archer Roofing Takes When Installing Asphalt Shingles:

  1. During the installation process, Archer Roofing performs rigorous inspections during every step of the installation process to ensure that the highest quality standards are being met.
  2. Each shingle is installed with 4-6 nails for maximum wind resistance and durability.
  3. Ice and water shield is installed in all valleys, eaves and roof-to-sidewall sections.
  4. Premium grade underlayments are used and installed to eliminate water penetration.
  5. Flashings are expertly tailored to your sidewalls, skylights and chimneys.

Every step is taken to ensure that a tight, waterproof surface has been established on your roof.

With a new roof – and one that is installed by us – you won’t have to worry about things like leaks, blow offs or other repair necessities for some time. You will also save on energy costs, as efficiency is restored and that makes a noticeable difference in your home’s energy losses. Lastly, you will have peace of mind and comfort knowing that your roof is protected and under warranty.

Roof disrepair or leaks cause inconvenience and discomfort. A new roof from Archer Roofing will alleviate that.

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