Thinking about Skylight Installation for your home?

Skylight Installation Toronto

While roof skylights add light, spaciousness and beauty to any property, skylight installation involves a lot more expertise than many home-owners realize: additional things such as such as framing, drywalling, flashing and even some electrical work come into play. This, along with integrating the skylight within the existing roofing system to prevent future leaks, means that it is important that home-owners hire an experienced roofing professional to take care of their skylight needs.

Interested In Skylight Installation?

The Benefits Of Skylight Installation Include:

An increase in your home’s value.

Few people argue with increasing the worth of their home and most people would choose a roof with a skylight (or two) over a roof without any.

Reduced energy costs.

Studies show as much as a 10% decrease in lighting costs. In Ontario these days, that can add up!

Natural sunlight enhances your mood.

Feeling better mentally and physically means less fatigue and illness and can improve productivity.

Is there a down-side to having skylights installed?

We don’t think so, but, and as with just about everything else on a roof, skylights have a tendency to wear down over time and periodic inspections of skylights are necessary to determine if the skylights are at risk of leaking or in need of any repair. The good news is, in a lot of cases, a simple skylight repair for your Toronto home will extend the life of a skylight for many years.

In some cases, and if a skylight has been neglected for a long time, a completely new skylight will be necessary once the old one has reached the end of its life cycle.

Our Skylight Installation Services Include:

Inspecting your current roof and skylights.

It is important that, periodically, you have a professional come out to check on your skylights to see if they are properly sealed and in good general working order. This is generally a service we offer in addition to coming out to perform a roof inspection on someone’s house as well. We realize that it would become a little too expensive to have someone come out for every small service and for this reason we recommend “bundling” roof maintenance services if possible.

Determining if your skylights need repair or replacement.

As roofing professionals who have been working on Toronto homes for many years, we can quickly tell if a skylight is on its last legs, so to speak. The real skill, however, is in determining how much life is left in one. Another factor, and probably the most important one as far as you are concerned, is being able to trust us and our recommendations. Our commitment to you is that we don’t recommend new anything unless you absolutely need it. Be it a new skylight, shingles, repairs, or a new roof.

Skylight Replacement.

Sometimes, the homeowner’s current skylight is too damaged or old to be repaired and must be completely replaced. Such situations can represent a fine-line between being able to keep your skylight for another few years or just getting rid of it now, so let us take a look at it and we’ll be honest about what your options are. We’ve dealt with enough skylights over the years to know where they are at in terms of their lifespan and continuing function and we’ll explain it to you as we go along.

Helping you choose from a wide variety of skylights suited to your budget and preferences.

Most people don’t really know much about skylight installation, and why would they? Much like anything else, you probably know the basics, and that’s where we will help you to find the best skylight for your home that meets your personal taste and especially your budget. Don’t let anyone over-sell you on skylights, as they really can become quite expensive.

Why Choose Archer Roofing for your Skylight Needs?

Archer Roofing has the ability to assess whether it is necessary to fix your skylight and then perform any repairs or replacements. Your roof is in the hands of an experienced and licensed roofer and red seal certified carpenter. With expertise in building envelope and code, Pawel Matonog is a roof specialist who will thoroughly inspect your roof and give you an honest assessment of its needs. Contact the reliable roofing professionals who pride themselves on their workmanship and friendly service.

Interested In Skylight Installation?