“So What Shingle Should I Install On My Roof?”

Stack of CertainTeed roofing shingles

We will only install a Landmark shingle that we have put on our own roofs at Archer Roofing

The one question that is asked of us by each homeowner:  

“Which shingles should I install on my roof?”.

There are as many ways to answer this question, as there are products.   But the follow up to this question is usually what sets us down a familiar path.

“I just want something that’ll look good, last a long time, and not cost too much”.

Sound familiar?

That’s usually the way the conversation flows, so for years we have been recommending only one shingle.  It is neither the fanciest, the longest-lasting, nor the least expensive.  What it offers however, is a combination that is unmatched in Toronto.

“Tell me more?”

Over the years, the standard shingle has been the “3 tab shingle”.  Look it up, and what you’ll see that on most roofs is the standard, builder-grade, 3-tab.

Basic 3 tab shingle

Basic 3 tab shingle









However, their ubiquity speaks nothing of their superiority.  Most roofers will put on a shingle that is least expensive on your roof.  In their defence, cost pressures from competition and the homeowner are the primary driving force in these instances.

However ask any roofer to tell you what’s on the roof of their own home, and you’ll understand what they really think about 3-tab shingles.

We’ve stripped far too many roofs that have failed in under 10 years.  This is simply wasteful- both of the resources, and the client’s money.  In many cases this is caused by faulty installation, but in general, a basic 3-tab is a product that offers far too little benefit for the savings.

“So what DO you recommend?”

There  is a shingle on the market that looks beautiful (laminated in fact) , is heaver and heftier, is backed by a great warranty, costs only a few dollars more per bundle than a basic 3-tab, and is actually a shingle that a roofer would put on his own home.  That same shingle was rated as “Best Buy” in that price range, by the only independent and impartial testing outfit there is; CONSUMER REPORTS.


That shingle is a Landmark by Certainteed.

Both the shingle and the manufacturer (global company) have been around for years.  This is a proven product that has been reliable to us.  We’ve installed others.  We’ve done our homework and research.  When something else comes out that matches the price/look/longevity equation, we’ll be happy to recommend that.  But for now, this is our “go to” shingle.  In fact, this is our “basic” shingle.  We will not install anything less, as that would be disservice to you and the environment.

“so what’s on your roof?” you ask?

Landmark in “Weathered Wood”

So, perhaps, “what’s on your roof?” is the better way to start the conversation  with a roofer.

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