The Importance of a Clean up Plan in Your Roofing Contract

Clean-up after a roofing job

A magnet sweeper in action

Published by Pawel Matonog

The first step of re-doing a homeowner’s roof involves a roof tear off, where old shingles, nails, and flashings are stripped off the roof to allow for new materials to be installed. Usually, most of this waste ends up in the dump trailer or protective tarps around the home. Yet in such a big project, small bits of asphalt and metal, especially sharp nails, might end up slipping through the ‘cracks’. Even small items like this can be dangerous to residents, kids, pets and tires in the vicinity. This is why every professional roofing company should have a detailed cleanup plan. This is an important step in a roof renovation, yet many companies overlook the final roof and yard inspection due to the diligence and time necessary for it.

roof debris gutter cleaning

Clean up of gutters and debris by Archer Roofing

As a homeowner, your contract with a roofing company should include a final rooftop inspection, cleanup and magnetic sweep around the property at project’s end. Keep an eye out towards the end of the project to make sure your roofing contractors are scouring the roof for any debris, especially nails and bits of metal. This step is critical, as a strong rainstorm will knock any items off the rooftop and onto your property, putting you, your children, pets, or tires in harm’s way. The final cleanup phase is a slow process at Archer Roofing, often adding hours to the end of any of our projects, yet preventing someone from getting hurt or knowing we were responsible for a blown tire makes this process a crucial one.

Miska trailer

This Miska trailer will fit into narrow Toronto driveways without damaging paving

In addition, not only does Archer Roofing clean up at the end of a project, but we also make sure to leave a clean site every day. We understand that residents still need access to their home without any hazards in their yard or driveway, therefore ground cleanup occurs every day on our jobsite. We also don’t use large bins on driveways, as they frequently scratch driveways and block residents from their parking spots. Instead, Archer Roofing uses a dump trailer, a practical choice for Toronto’s tight parking driveways and roads. This trailer is hauled away every day to ensure no debris is left behind.

A magnet sweeper in action

A magnet sweeper in action

Final cleanup by Archer Roofing involves a thorough cleaning of eaves troughs and roof, as well as sweeping and debris pickup by all contractors on the ground. A clever tool to ensure resident safety is using a magnetic sweeping device. Since nails can be difficult to find, using a magnet is a very smart and efficient step in our cleanup process. Archer Roofing uses this tool to sweep across the driveway, including the lawn, to secure any fallen nail and sharp metal scraps. As outlined, a cleanup plan is a necessary part of every roof renovation. Make sure you’re covered in your roofing contract by choosing Archer Roofing as your Toronto roofing contractor.