Who's peeking? An inspection by Archer Roofing revealed a hole and nest all in one!

So there is water dripping from your ceiling.   You know something’s wrong with the roof.   “Surely, it’ll be a hard one to diagnose”.  So you call a roofer.  Hopefully we’re on your speed dial.

Over the years we’ve seen hundreds of leaks, and some can be quite a challenge to pinpoint.  Others are just obvious.

All homes have common sources of leaks.

  •                 Improper flashing, flashing that has pulled away or has degraded
  •                 Cracked/missing/failed caulking
  •                 Missing and failed shingles
  •                 Faulty workmanship
  •                 And, believe it or not, sometimes just bad roof design (we’ll talk about that one in more detail some other time

On older homes, chimneys can be problematic and a source of water infiltration, as well as failed brick and mortar.

Quite often, what may look like a roof leak, is actually a leaking skylight, or failed caulking around a window.  We’ve seen this quite often actually.  Most of the time, the windows need some attention, and not the roof.

Sometimes, the problem stares you in the face.  Literally.  A fine example of forced entry into the warmth, security, and solitude that is the attic.  Can you think of a better place to have your offspring?

Who's peeking?

Who’s peeking?


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