granules in gutters

Granule deposits in the gutters are measured by Archer Roofing during an inspection to check for excessive loss


UV rays have warped the shingles on one side as seen on this Toronto home

You might not notice the damage from your front lawn or driveway, but even a one-year-old roof can look different from a roof that was just installed. That is because all shingles are subject to the UV rays from the sun, which is the biggest factor in shingle deterioration. As such, the roof sides facing the sun will have the most damage.

Just like we protect our skin from the sun, shingles can also be protected with a UV reflecting coating straight from the factory. For example, CertainTeed offers Solaris, a solar reflective asphalt roofing shingle, which contains granules that reflect the sun’s rays; depending on the shingle type, it can effectively reflect 25-40% of the sun’s rays. Those are huge energy savings, as the roof does not heat up as much in the summer and air conditioning savings are substantial. As well, the shingles will not deteriorate as quickly.

However, over time, all shingles, whether UV resistant or not, will be subjected to environmental aging, causing the asphalt coating to dry, loosening the granules covering them in the long run. Take the time to observe your roof for the following signs of aging to determine if your roof’s conditions are serious enough to require immediate action.


These shingles from a Toronto roof inspection are in very good condition for their age, as seen in the slight granular loss in the eaves as well as minimal curlin

Closer inspection by Archer Roofing proves that the shingles are in good condition

Closer inspection by Archer Roofing proves that the shingles are in good condition

Normal Aging of a Roof:

  • slight granule loss
  • curling of tab corners
  • some algae discolouration

The cracked shingles, opened blisters, bald spots and large areas of granule loss are seen in a close-up of the ridge of the roof


This Toronto roof that Archer Roofing replaced is an example of one that is beyond normal aging, especially on the side facing the sun

Beyond Normal Aging of a Roof:

  • large areas of granule loss
  • opened blisters
  • cracked/torn shingles
  • bald spots with exposed asphalt

While there are no magic coatings for shingles that prevent them from naturally aging, investing a small amount of your time each year to examine your roof will reduce your anxiety and concerns. If the problem is not severe, and the shingles are still providing the protection necessary, then there is no cause for alarm. However, a regular roof inspection, especially for older roofs, is a wise investment that will reduce your anxiety before another Toronto winter season is upon us. Should you notice a problem on your roof, please contact Archer Roofing at 416-427-2437 to inspect your roof and offer possible courses of action.


After inspecting this Toronto roof in the fall, Archer Roofing established it was aging well and needed only minor repairs


Vents were sealed using special roofing tar to ensure no leaks would penetrate during the winter


Cracked shingles were sealed to make sure it will last for many more years without the need for a costly roof-over