Winter Roof Care In Toronto: Is Your Roof Ready?

Winter roof care in Toronto.

Winter roof care 101: A quick roof inspection would have revealed these missing shingles and the ensuing damage that takes place over the course of Toronto's brutal winters. Call Archer Roofing for a FREE roof inspection and avoid these types of problems.

Archer Roofing takes a proactive approach to winter roof care.

Although we’re experiencing ‘balmy’ November weather recently, don’t forget that another bitter Toronto winter is well on its way. Since many Toronto homeowners don’t know what’s happening up on their roofs, something like winter roof care is probably the last thing on their minds.

Winter roof care Toronto.

Missing shingles on this Forest Hill roof in Toronto have revealed corroded nails and an exposed roof deck with no underlayment protection. With winter coming, this is definitely bad news!

They are also potentially leaving their homes exposed to extensive damage should another major winter storm occur. Neglecting to have one’s roof inspected could lead to a costly emergency repair during the winter months that could have been prevented through regular roof maintenance.

Archer Roofing believes in taking a proactive approach to roof maintenance and offers free roof inspections. These inspections enable us to assess any potential for leaks in your home and get ahead of any impending issues.

Minor roof repairs are better than major roof repairs.

Minor roof repairs will cost Toronto homeowners around $200, which is a bargain when compared to thousands of dollars worth of damage that a leak can cause. What begins as a minor leak could lead to damages in the roof AND your home’s structure as well. Also, winter is the worst time for any major repairs, which will cost much more due to the cold weather and time-sensitive emergency repair services.

Racoon makes hole in Toronto roof.

A racoon tried to make its nest in this Toronto home and the owners immediately experienced a leak. Imagine if this had continued for an entire winter?

When Archer Roofing inspects your roof, our qualified professionals are trained to notice the smallest details. This will give you the peace of mind that a thorough assessment and correct diagnosis has been made.

We provide you with:

  • Pictures of any problem areas on your roof.
  • A detailed list of what exactly needs to be repaired.
  • How much all of it will cost.
  • An easy-to-understand explanation of everything involved.
  • The current state of your shingles, eavestroughs and flashings.
  • An educated estimate of how long you can wait for a roof replacement.

We have even found animals nesting on or in a person’s roof! Imagine the damage that a hole that size would have done to the interior of the home had it not been fixed before winter!

Get a winter roof care roof inspection – for FREE!

Fixing roof leaks Toronto.

This ridge cap was taking a beating from the elements and showed early signs of wear. Some roof patch on the cap ensures this roof will last for many more seasons, including another brutal Toronto winter.

A free roof inspection for your Toronto home will help you budget for roof repairs that you will need in the future, without emergency repair work eating up your savings, such as vacation funds. There have been many homes that we have found nothing wrong with whatsoever, and we were happy to simply provide peace of mind to the homeowner for free!

Through Archer Roofing’s inspection and repair program, you will be able to address minor repair issues before they become big problems that cost you money, time and stress. Get peace of mind by booking your free roof inspection before another snowstorm hits Toronto.

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